Alkaline Vegan Diet with Supplements

I can’t eat acid anymore, so I’m going to have to eat alkaline vegan. I’m scared, but hopefully I will not get too low of a blood count taking supplements like I’m supposed to take. I have to give up acid producing food. It’s been a nightmare for sleep. My allergy people have told meContinue reading “Alkaline Vegan Diet with Supplements”

Fad Diets: Is Veganism a Fad?

I have nothing against veganism. It’s purported to be the healthiest diet. I can see how lots of veggies could help anyone, but it’s really easy to do that lazy and with junk. I’ve been a vegan off and on and given it a fair shot. I can say that it doesn’t work for everyone.Continue reading “Fad Diets: Is Veganism a Fad?”