Novel Update: A Town Run by Neurodiverse People

I have a new novel in the works for a scientist who thinks that the town should be run by neurodiverse people, but it goes well. I hope you enjoy that novel when it’s finished. I have had a problem with getting into my locked files, so I will have to rewrite them, but thisContinue reading “Novel Update: A Town Run by Neurodiverse People”

Novel on Hold for Another Week

I have to put the novel on hold for another week, because life doesn’t give me time to write. However, I have only been busy lately. I will write as soon as I can, but if you’re pumped for it let me know. I’m pretty happy with my first 1,000 words and planned plot. TheContinue reading “Novel on Hold for Another Week”

Novel Progress: A Call from Westbow

So months ago, when I started this writing journey I decided to see how much publishing with a leading Christian publisher would cost. Just to know. It turns out it’s much more than I have access to. The payments seem manageable but I need to making more to afford it. So, I let it goContinue reading “Novel Progress: A Call from Westbow”

Novel Update: Still Mind-Mapping

Hey, just a quick update on my novel. I’m still mind-mapping and it’s taking a really long time, because life is demanding and I’m always busy. I did flesh out some characters a little more and it’s coming together. I have about four big events and I need some smaller ones to make it moreContinue reading “Novel Update: Still Mind-Mapping”

Introduction to the New Fit & Literate

Introductions are happening over and over on my blog, but I have made a concentrated effort to have a plan in action. So let me tell you about the changes I’m making to the blog.

Genes and Drugs

I figured out recently that if your family members can’t tolerate a drug then you can’t either.

Allergist FINALLY!

I have been trying to figure out what is causing the allergic reactions to no avail, but seemingly it has a lot to do with GERD and my skin condition. So I have been just eating what I know I can eat no problem and that has been very limited. ALL vegetables and fruits giveContinue reading “Allergist FINALLY!”