Fad Diets: Is Veganism a Fad?

I have nothing against veganism. It’s purported to be the healthiest diet. I can see how lots of veggies could help anyone, but it’s really easy to do that lazy and with junk. I’ve been a vegan off and on and given it a fair shot. I can say that it doesn’t work for everyone.Continue reading “Fad Diets: Is Veganism a Fad?”

Fad Diets: Keto

Keto is a widely popular diet here in the states. I have some keto followers. It’s a fantastic way to lose weight, but there are some drawbacks. Your body produces “ketones” when you eat mostly fat. When that happens you eliminate them in your pee. This gets the weight to just fall off. It doesContinue reading “Fad Diets: Keto”

April’s Theme: Fad Diets

Of all the themes of the month, the one for health will focus on fad diets. What the ask for and what they did to me. I will be reviewing how the fad diets have cause me to be sick and which fad diet may be the best for my certain issues. If you haveContinue reading “April’s Theme: Fad Diets”