Health Update: Leaky Gut Misinformation

So I guess leaky gut has some misinformation flying around. I found two different books about it and they both said different things. So I guess it’s still a fairly new problem out there in the healing world. I found out that the paleo diet was the most recommended thing for leaky gut though andContinue reading “Health Update: Leaky Gut Misinformation”

Everything I Know About Endometriosis

I have Endometriosis. I’ve had it since I was 13 years old. Probably the whole time I have had menstrual periods (from 11). It’s a terrible fertility issue, but it’s much worse than bad periods. I am going to fill you in on everything I know about my issue and try to give you asContinue reading “Everything I Know About Endometriosis”

Health Update: Latex Allergy and GERD

So my suspicions were correct I am allergic to latex. I have already eliminated latex mostly, but now I have to make a whole new wardrobe and stop using things like hair ties. It’s a little upsetting, and I definitely panicked, but it will pass. This too shall get handled and I will be ableContinue reading “Health Update: Latex Allergy and GERD”

Introduction to the New Fit & Literate

Introductions are happening over and over on my blog, but I have made a concentrated effort to have a plan in action. So let me tell you about the changes I’m making to the blog.