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Alien Within- To Be Determined
Telepathic implants threaten to expose a team on Mars to life that are a less than courteous host.

Another Unnamed Book- To Be Determined
Twins are separated as children after finding a pendant in a cave. After it breaks in half they break apart. But when they reunite the whole world goes crazy. Will a man with supernatural abilities saves the world?

Another Unnamed Book- To Be Determined
They met online and her husband doesn’t know. Things take a dark turn with a series of gifts she didn’t ask for.

City of Dreams- To Be Determined
A scientist thinks putting a bunch of neuro-diverse people in charge of a city will cause pandemonium, but what he didn’t expect is for it to go well.

Another Unnamed Novel- To Be Determined
I listen to some older music I haven’t heard in a while and write a whole novel about how it makes me feel. This might end up being poetry.

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