Sad Poet Saturday: Every Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day I remember their conception. Every Mother’s Day I remember that feeling under my ribs. Every Mother’s Day I remember my children. I don’t deserve to say that. I lost you babies. I lost my mind too. I lost a piece of my heart. I think about it all day every day, butContinue reading “Sad Poet Saturday: Every Mother’s Day”

Sad Poet Saturday: Thalassemia Minor

One thing I’ve wanted to do my entire life was give blood. Burgers before. Spinach before. No good. I hit 30 and weakness sets in. What on Earth is this? I have never been vital. I have never been “peak”. But weakness now? Diagnosis: Beta Thalassemia. My bones are empty. My blood is tiny. IContinue reading “Sad Poet Saturday: Thalassemia Minor”

Sad Poet Saturday: Eros

Like I said Tuesday, I need therapy about this love. I have never been number one. I have always been an option. I’m the second choice cause I’m funny and “sweet”, but unrefined and plain faced. So I’m not a first thought girl. I have a great personality, but I’m crazy, because I’ve been traumatized.Continue reading “Sad Poet Saturday: Eros”

Introducing Sad Poet Saturday

I used to write sad poetry in facebook notes. I have been really hurt in life and sometimes writing sad poetry helps me feel a little more. I usually just sit on my feelings, so I figured I would write some things for you guys. This blog is 100% just read it if you feelContinue reading “Introducing Sad Poet Saturday”