Novel Update: Write a Novel with Me?

I have been slowly plugging away at the novel. I’m not going to lie to you guys, it’s interesting to me, but I want people to love it. SO…I want to ask you guys to help me generate a novel. Maybe if I have more than one story going it will be easier to pickContinue reading “Novel Update: Write a Novel with Me?”

Health Update: Latex Allergy and GERD

So my suspicions were correct I am allergic to latex. I have already eliminated latex mostly, but now I have to make a whole new wardrobe and stop using things like hair ties. It’s a little upsetting, and I definitely panicked, but it will pass. This too shall get handled and I will be ableContinue reading “Health Update: Latex Allergy and GERD”

Introduction to the New Fit & Literate

Introductions are happening over and over on my blog, but I have made a concentrated effort to have a plan in action. So let me tell you about the changes I’m making to the blog.