Had to Start Alien Within Over

So quick update. I had to start my book over again and because of that I thought of a new opening that adds some background to my main character. I am really excited to get writing again. As I said Tuesday, my options are digital and textile so I will be spending some time inContinue reading “Had to Start Alien Within Over”

August: Navigating Allergies and New Hobbies

I found out in May that I’m allergic to everything I used to do. I took it hard and took a hiatus from blogging, but I’m back! I am allergic to Balsam of Peru and Colophony, basically trees. I get contact dermatitis from touching them, but my hand is nearly totally healed from not touchingContinue reading “August: Navigating Allergies and New Hobbies”

Novel Update: A Town Run by Neurodiverse People

I have a new novel in the works for a scientist who thinks that the town should be run by neurodiverse people, but it goes well. I hope you enjoy that novel when it’s finished. I have had a problem with getting into my locked files, so I will have to rewrite them, but thisContinue reading “Novel Update: A Town Run by Neurodiverse People”

Happy Earth Day Citizens of the Planet!

One of my favorite days, because there is usually a gardening thing to do. My plants died but I have this little seed kit to plant. I have not written at all, because I’ve been doing exercises for Borderline Personality Disorder that have made me very excited to not be in trouble for taking careContinue reading “Happy Earth Day Citizens of the Planet!”

Novel on Hold for Another Week

I have to put the novel on hold for another week, because life doesn’t give me time to write. However, I have only been busy lately. I will write as soon as I can, but if you’re pumped for it let me know. I’m pretty happy with my first 1,000 words and planned plot. TheContinue reading “Novel on Hold for Another Week”

Novel Update: Time to Write

I have basically made all my characters and have the story set up so it’s time to write. I will be writing everyday along with blogging Monday through Friday. Hopefully getting some sewing done. I figured out that if I type at least 210 words a day I will be done by December and IContinue reading “Novel Update: Time to Write”

Novel Progress: A Call from Westbow

So months ago, when I started this writing journey I decided to see how much publishing with a leading Christian publisher would cost. Just to know. It turns out it’s much more than I have access to. The payments seem manageable but I need to making more to afford it. So, I let it goContinue reading “Novel Progress: A Call from Westbow”

Novel Update: Write a Novel with Me?

I have been slowly plugging away at the novel. I’m not going to lie to you guys, it’s interesting to me, but I want people to love it. SO…I want to ask you guys to help me generate a novel. Maybe if I have more than one story going it will be easier to pickContinue reading “Novel Update: Write a Novel with Me?”