Storge: Affection

CS Lewis wrote the Four Loves (available with audible; taught by him) and the first love he focuses on is Storge (store-gey) or affection. This is the kind of love between family and loved ones. He says that this love and eros are the most common and easiest loves to come by. With the waysContinue reading “Storge: Affection”

Fad Diets: Keto

Keto is a widely popular diet here in the states. I have some keto followers. It’s a fantastic way to lose weight, but there are some drawbacks. Your body produces “ketones” when you eat mostly fat. When that happens you eliminate them in your pee. This gets the weight to just fall off. It doesContinue reading “Fad Diets: Keto”

Health Update: Got My First Shot and Happy Good Friday

The COVID-19 shot is a little bit of an issue between conservatives and liberals, but I got the shot. My first one was yesterday and by the end of April I should have my second. Then I can do things with a mask on. Exciting. I have been struggling with being very tired. I thinkContinue reading “Health Update: Got My First Shot and Happy Good Friday”

April’s Theme: Love

I am definitely not an expert on the subject of love. I have had failed relationships and crazy connections. But I do believe in love. I feel like this month, we should focus on the different loves that CS Lewis talks about in the Four Loves. Since there are four weeks in a month itContinue reading “April’s Theme: Love”

April’s Theme: Fad Diets

Of all the themes of the month, the one for health will focus on fad diets. What the ask for and what they did to me. I will be reviewing how the fad diets have cause me to be sick and which fad diet may be the best for my certain issues. If you haveContinue reading “April’s Theme: Fad Diets”

Health Update: Leaky Gut Misinformation

So I guess leaky gut has some misinformation flying around. I found two different books about it and they both said different things. So I guess it’s still a fairly new problem out there in the healing world. I found out that the paleo diet was the most recommended thing for leaky gut though andContinue reading “Health Update: Leaky Gut Misinformation”

Novel Progress: A Call from Westbow

So months ago, when I started this writing journey I decided to see how much publishing with a leading Christian publisher would cost. Just to know. It turns out it’s much more than I have access to. The payments seem manageable but I need to making more to afford it. So, I let it goContinue reading “Novel Progress: A Call from Westbow”

Love Your Life: Thankfulness in the Everyday

I’m ill prepared for today, but I figured I would talk about love. I haven’t been in a relationship since 2015, though I have had things to be thankful for in other relationships. And I feel like that is key to feeling good about life. I have been so single for so long now thatContinue reading “Love Your Life: Thankfulness in the Everyday”