Today Years Old…

I was today years old when I found out I had borderline personality disorder on top of schizoaffective disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and depression. Yeah, that’s a lot. But I thought my depression was just depression. Basically, I feel so much that I can’t really stop feelings. I am super relational and it’s so hardContinue reading “Today Years Old…”

Health Update: No Common Allergies

I found out that my allergies have nothing to do with food or environmental pathogens. I can eat peanut I guess. I have never been able to eat peanut. I think it’s just too high fat and I have really bad guts. But in any case, I can have whatever the junk I want asContinue reading “Health Update: No Common Allergies”

Fad Diets: Is Veganism a Fad?

I have nothing against veganism. It’s purported to be the healthiest diet. I can see how lots of veggies could help anyone, but it’s really easy to do that lazy and with junk. I’ve been a vegan off and on and given it a fair shot. I can say that it doesn’t work for everyone.Continue reading “Fad Diets: Is Veganism a Fad?”

Maybe I Should Be Spoiled…

I was thinking and overthinking about what I should do about the blog. I am going to do things about the blog, but I really need a good creature comfort day. I read this self-help book years ago called Simple Abundance. She talks about creative excursions and creature comforts. Creative excursions are basically just aContinue reading “Maybe I Should Be Spoiled…”

Health Update: Gotta Push

I have been sick lately and I finally will get an allergy test on my skin for food and environmental allergies! WOO! But on top of that I have been really sick and unable to really move around. My GERD is so bad that I can’t sleep with my CPAP machine. I will be seeingContinue reading “Health Update: Gotta Push”