Off Schedule Today

I had an allergic reaction to tomato yesterday so I will not be playing Overwatch. I will be back to schedule when I get back on the right sleep schedule. I overslept from 10 pm to 2 pm. Too much sleep, but I had a bad reaction. I’m in lot of pain. I can try to play later today when I feel a little more awake, but that’s the beauty of working online when you have an illness. You can just not do it that day. So I will be back to normal “hours” as soon as I feel better. Thank you for reading this post.

Maximum Heart Rate

So I went to Planet Fitness, trying to follow social “fitness” guidelines and wearing a mask. I could barely breathe through the mask and lasted a whole 7 minutes before my heart rate was (as I later found out) at 80%. That’s fine if you want to do HIIT or something, but I was just riding a bike and keeping up a quick pace. I resolved to stay home to work out until the pandemic is over or at least until we don’t have to wear masks. But I thought I would stop by my computer to talk about what I found about maximun heart rate.

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Don’t Forsake the Assembly

I have been trying to be a lot more Christian than I have before to show God I’m serious about Him. I realize that social health is a part of spiritual health which affects overall health. So I thought I would talk about how hard of a time I’ve had waking up for church. I mean, it’s a pandemic and everyone sleeps in these days, but the church is important. I know it’s far more than just the walls of a church. It’s you being godly wherever you are whenever you are.

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Dance and Gaming Videos; Meet Matilda

Meet my majestic new baby! She’s a sweetie, has a tiny ekkekk for a meow and is pretty darn mellow. She’s mine and she’s microchipped and everything. I adopted her from Animal Protective League. My only challenge with her so far is how to lay down on my bed, because she likes to be touching me. But it’s a cute challenge and it doesn’t really even bother me. Oh, and she has cold medicine which has been hard to administer, but she has been a trooper with how tired it makes her. Don’t mind my hair in the picture. I haven’t been able to dye it again, because it’s expensive to dye medium length thick hair.

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Breaking into the New Year

Hey! I’ve been away from the computer, because I got a membership to Planet Fitness. I will be starting some time this coming week. My brother is going to be a fitness trainer for me and my mom. He wants me to start with stretching and diet and cardio. So far I have done zero of those things.

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The Beginning

I have been really sick…very sick…since about 2010. I fought bladder cancer and won, but I have a whole host of issues that came out of a birth defect I didn’t know for sure that I had until about two years ago. It’s called Thalassemia Minor and it’s a rare blood disorder characterized by tiny malformed blood cells that are produced from a lack of marrow in the bones. I have some marrow which is why mine is minor. But on a good day, my hemoglobin is at about 11, which is pretty good for my disease. That’s because I also have iron-deficiency anemia.

I started to become more sick in 2016. I attempted suicide, because life just seem to keep going downhill and I had become depressed. I made some stupid and awful mistakes and was untreated for generalized anxiety and panic disorder. I was so bad that I began hallucinating and hearing voices and began to be severe with schizophrenia. Since I finally conceded to getting help I have discovered many issues that were not addressed when I was so mentally ill that I was ignoring them. I have sort of cut myself off from others several times. I have a few friends and some family, but I deal with a lot by myself. I have to get past that, however, because I have learned that I do have friends and family who love me… I have just been through a lot. Over this period of depression, I became disabled and got really fat. I gained 175 lbs!

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