Had to Start Alien Within Over

So quick update. I had to start my book over again and because of that I thought of a new opening that adds some background to my main character. I am really excited to get writing again. As I said Tuesday, my options are digital and textile so I will be spending some time in front of screens. I might need to get some blue light filter glasses. Have a pleasant day and I will keep you up to date on my book.

August: Navigating Allergies and New Hobbies

I found out in May that I’m allergic to everything I used to do. I took it hard and took a hiatus from blogging, but I’m back! I am allergic to Balsam of Peru and Colophony, basically trees. I get contact dermatitis from touching them, but my hand is nearly totally healed from not touching my notebooks!

I gave away all my art supplies to my sister-in-law which bummed me out, but it’s been pretty nice not feeling sick. I have improved with energy and everything. But I have had to become a vegetarian. Which is hard because benzoic acid (BoP) is used to preserve quite a bit and it is naturally in a lot of things. It’s mostly vanilla, cinnamon, clove, tomato and citrus peel. But if you keep looking into it it’s a sad rabbit hole. It’s in all kinds of fruit, a few veggies, meat and fermented dairy.

I had to give away my art supplies because colophony is in them. It’s also called Rosin. Like I said I got really bummed out when I couldn’t paint anymore, but I have resolved to go digital and get into other hobbies that don’t include wood, paper, paint, glue, and guitar strings. I will get into that this month.

I have to wear socks constantly because we have pine floors. We should be getting carpet or area rugs soon. I’m not adjusting well emotionally to all the change, but I am beginning to get the hang of it all.

I will be talking about these allergies this month and also new hobbies to try. I’m basically Bubble Girl. Don’t forget to check out my new blog about Extreme Budgeting and homeless resources by state. As always I have some books cooking up in my head, but they’ve been on hold with all this new navigation. Oh! I don’t have GERD. No trace of it.

I will be putting up free form poetry two times a week. It’s the only way I can express myself currently. Keep an eye out for that. Also, I will be starting to play with fruityloops and putting it up on soundcloud. Keep your ears out for that one. I have become allergic to my resistance bands, but I am going to wear gloves and use them anyway. I thinking about utilizing my insurance to go to the YMCA so the fit part of the blog is coming back, baby! I am going to include all my favorite vegetarian recipes on pinterest if you want to know what I’ve been eating or thinking about eating. It’s been tight with all the procedures I have had to go through in July so I’ve been eating Soy Sauce Ramen. I will sell little pdf ebooks of recipes I created soon. AND I will be writing short stories and telling some of good news to keep the juices flowing.

I am hoping to start a community with my blogs. Please like, comment, share all the things. I am going to start a YouTube as well I forgot and a new tiktok. Follow, like, comment, share!!!But seriously, I’m ambitious for someone who sleeps half of the day.

Check Out My Second Blog!

I haven’t been writing much because I have several procedures this month. But in August I will be writing for two blogs! I will be keeping this blog and writing another over on Blogger. I put it on there because I want it to be found easier with SEO and such, because it’s about extreme budgeting with disability. I will also have resources for transient and homeless people upon request. I have been transient and it is no fun.

Check out my new blog this August! I will be posting four times a month, but also building a community through it. It should be really cool if people get on board. You can catch it at that backlink up there.


I am keeping the blog. I will have to renew my ownership, but yes. I will be redoing this whole thing based around the idea that I have allergies and I can only use technology and textile arts.

I will still be calling it fit and literate because I am going to be writing and trying to lose weight and get healthy. I would love to have a biggest loser moment, but I will be doing it until I hit about 230, because it’s not toxic to be big. I still am having a terrible time with my health, but I think I will feel better about my body if I at least lose enough to feel comfortable with what I see in the mirror. I loved my body around 230. I was still small, but big enough to look good in my clothes.

I found out that I have a medium so I will be writing blogs on Medium and Blogger too and whichever one does the best I will focus on that one. I guess. I need to get a content calendar going. Let’s have ourselves a Merry little July.

I deleted my author page and more…

HI! I haven’t really had the time and means to check on this site, but I did today. I am not going to write a book anytime soon that has anything to do with generator novels. I am going through a time of change and I don’t really want to hold onto the images that I once used to cope. I have a lot to unpack and that’s been me lately. I have recently obsessed over a career so much that I’m doing nothing. That’s not a career. So I figured I would maybe work and write some blogs in my spare time. I have no social sites for the blog now. It’s all taken down. I will be revamping what I do with fit & literate since I’m not being very fit or literate.

I found out that a lot of people can’t afford to eat healthy and I have some new allergies that would make it impossible to hold one of my written novels. I am allergic to art supplies which is one of the things that I started doing. I gave it all away to my future sister. So basically, I have to revamp me to get around all this allergy business, so I have to get around all that I used to do. TOTAL REVAMP!

No more novels. No more art journal entries (at least the ones I had before). It all made me feel very dark anyway. I would rather do things I can do that are outside of the realm of trees. That will happen soon. So look for the new blog which I will connect to this one.

Sad Poet Saturday: Every Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day I remember their conception. Every Mother’s Day I remember that feeling under my ribs. Every Mother’s Day I remember my children. I don’t deserve to say that.

I lost you babies. I lost my mind too. I lost a piece of my heart. I think about it all day every day, but especially this day. If I’m not disassociating I’m crying or numb. I wish I knew what you looked like.

This Mother’s Day, I accept myself as a mother. Because it’s their loss that drove me down a dark path. The loss of their fathers too. But this Mother’s Day you are my children and I will see you someday soon.

Health Update: Balsam of Peru and Colophony

I had a patch test Wednesday and today is the last day of the test. Everything is cleared up except balsam of peru. I mostly can’t have sweets and have to be careful about products that are scented. I don’t have to avoid any fabrics. That’s happy! I need to get on that though, all of this fabric I bought needs to be something.

It’s in vanilla, clove and cinnamon. So I can’t really have baked goods. It’s also in tomatoes, basil, wheat, rye, and citrus peels. It’s no joke. It’s not as severe, but it’s enough to give me a purple spot.

We have had quite a problem with our fridge starting to stop working. I think this is why I had an infection and got sick. We should be fixing that soon.

Do you know anything that I should avoid for balsam of peru? Let me know in the comments.

Final answer was Balsam of Peru and Colophony. Basically tons of trees.