Sad Poet Saturday: Eros

Like I said Tuesday, I need therapy about this love. I have never been number one. I have always been an option. I’m the second choice cause I’m funny and “sweet”, but unrefined and plain faced. So I’m not a first thought girl. I have a great personality, but I’m crazy, because I’ve been traumatized.Continue reading “Sad Poet Saturday: Eros”

Happy Earth Day Citizens of the Planet!

One of my favorite days, because there is usually a gardening thing to do. My plants died but I have this little seed kit to plant. I have not written at all, because I’ve been doing exercises for Borderline Personality Disorder that have made me very excited to not be in trouble for taking careContinue reading “Happy Earth Day Citizens of the Planet!”

Alkaline Vegan Diet with Supplements

I can’t eat acid anymore, so I’m going to have to eat alkaline vegan. I’m scared, but hopefully I will not get too low of a blood count taking supplements like I’m supposed to take. I have to give up acid producing food. It’s been a nightmare for sleep. My allergy people have told meContinue reading “Alkaline Vegan Diet with Supplements”