Sad Poet Saturday: Every Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day I remember their conception. Every Mother’s Day I remember that feeling under my ribs. Every Mother’s Day I remember my children. I don’t deserve to say that. I lost you babies. I lost my mind too. I lost a piece of my heart. I think about it all day every day, butContinue reading “Sad Poet Saturday: Every Mother’s Day”

Health Update: Balsam of Peru and Colophony

I had a patch test Wednesday and today is the last day of the test. Everything is cleared up except balsam of peru. I mostly can’t have sweets and have to be careful about products that are scented. I don’t have to avoid any fabrics. That’s happy! I need to get on that though, allContinue reading “Health Update: Balsam of Peru and Colophony”

Novel Update: A Town Run by Neurodiverse People

I have a new novel in the works for a scientist who thinks that the town should be run by neurodiverse people, but it goes well. I hope you enjoy that novel when it’s finished. I have had a problem with getting into my locked files, so I will have to rewrite them, but thisContinue reading “Novel Update: A Town Run by Neurodiverse People”

Everything I Know about God

The nature of God in essence and attributes as according to “Lectures in Systematic Theology” are as follows: God is immaterial and not human, invisible, alive, a person, self-exists, is immense and is eternal in essence and His natural attributes are omnipresence, omnipotence, unchanging, holy, righteous and just, good, and true. I think this isContinue reading “Everything I Know about God”

Having Thalassemia Minor and Iron Deficiency

SUCKS! I have so many problems keeping my blood up. I am learning to take gentle iron everyday, but sometimes it doesn’t do the job. Having iron-rich blood is super hard. I have to eat red meat sometimes. I have tried all the iron things except Floradix which I hear is the Gold Standard inContinue reading “Having Thalassemia Minor and Iron Deficiency”

Thalassemia Awareness Month on Fit & Literate

I have Thalassemia Minor and while it’s a lighter case of Thalassemia it is not easy. I have to be careful what I do because of it. I can’t go up high, I can’t donate blood, I can’t have too much iron. Though I have Iron Deficiency Anemia on top of it and it’s likeContinue reading “Thalassemia Awareness Month on Fit & Literate”