HI! My name is Joy Tsakanikas and for some reason the genetic lottery that is what God made me is definitely more of the thorn in your side that Paul talks about in the New Testament. I have 16 issues, but the main bad guy that brought on all of it- other than my weight- is Thalassemia Minor. If you look it up it’s a pretty terrible birth defect that starts in the bones. My marrow is not as well formed so my blood cells are tiny and I am constantly anemic. My hemoglobin being under 11 at all times. It’s supposed to be easier for me because I don’t need blood transfusions, but for some reason I’m checking all the boxes for illness. I stay pretty low and very tired.

I am going to take you through my struggle to be active again. I called it Fit & Literate, because I love to write. I make up a story literally every few minutes in my head. So I figured maybe I should write some novels. I have no idea what I would be good at writing genre-wise. That’s why my first novels will be completely based off of writing prompts and generators. What does well will be my genre. So have fun reading them.

My goal is to lose 175 lbs. in four years and to find my genre writing books that are at minimum 50,000 words. Some density lost and gained. Hey, I might start to like to exercise (hoping I don’t faint a lot). But join me on this quest to be reasonably capable of movement and word flow.

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