I deleted my author page and more…

HI! I haven’t really had the time and means to check on this site, but I did today. I am not going to write a book anytime soon that has anything to do with generator novels. I am going through a time of change and I don’t really want to hold onto the images that I once used to cope. I have a lot to unpack and that’s been me lately. I have recently obsessed over a career so much that I’m doing nothing. That’s not a career. So I figured I would maybe work and write some blogs in my spare time. I have no social sites for the blog now. It’s all taken down. I will be revamping what I do with fit & literate since I’m not being very fit or literate.

I found out that a lot of people can’t afford to eat healthy and I have some new allergies that would make it impossible to hold one of my written novels. I am allergic to art supplies which is one of the things that I started doing. I gave it all away to my future sister. So basically, I have to revamp me to get around all this allergy business, so I have to get around all that I used to do. TOTAL REVAMP!

No more novels. No more art journal entries (at least the ones I had before). It all made me feel very dark anyway. I would rather do things I can do that are outside of the realm of trees. That will happen soon. So look for the new blog which I will connect to this one.

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I'm all about fitness and novels. check me out!

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