Health Update: Balsam of Peru and Colophony

I had a patch test Wednesday and today is the last day of the test. Everything is cleared up except balsam of peru. I mostly can’t have sweets and have to be careful about products that are scented. I don’t have to avoid any fabrics. That’s happy! I need to get on that though, all of this fabric I bought needs to be something.

It’s in vanilla, clove and cinnamon. So I can’t really have baked goods. It’s also in tomatoes, basil, wheat, rye, and citrus peels. It’s no joke. It’s not as severe, but it’s enough to give me a purple spot.

We have had quite a problem with our fridge starting to stop working. I think this is why I had an infection and got sick. We should be fixing that soon.

Do you know anything that I should avoid for balsam of peru? Let me know in the comments.

Final answer was Balsam of Peru and Colophony. Basically tons of trees.

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