Thalassemia Awareness Month on Fit & Literate

I have Thalassemia Minor and while it’s a lighter case of Thalassemia it is not easy. I have to be careful what I do because of it. I can’t go up high, I can’t donate blood, I can’t have too much iron. Though I have Iron Deficiency Anemia on top of it and it’s like having Alpha sometimes. I have come close to blood transfusion levels dozens of times.

I take some gentle iron now everyday, but I still get lightheaded and faint sometimes. Though I have become an expert at catching myself before I fall. It’s a disease that is caused my a birth defect in the marrow that causes it to be hollow or barely in there. It makes small malformed blood cells and they are super hard to keep up. Especially if you try to eat vegan to lessen the iron. It’s a nightmare!

I’d like to raise awareness for all of us Mediterranean/West Asian descent people who have it. We have quite the issue. I hope you find me this month and connect! If you want to help the cause please donate blood! There are a lot of people you could help with it regardless of your reason.

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