Novels Update…Plural

Not only have I pretty much locked up my novel. I have started four other novels. The only way to read all the novels is to get them. SO I will update each of them. I keep talking about it and not actually doing it.

I have a well developed story and four ideas. All different genres. Check out my novels page to see my ideas. If you steal the idea that’s fine. There generator novels. I just want to finish a novel without someone trying to get in there and delete it. 200ish words a day for however many novels I’m inspired for.

I want you to feel like you are a part of this novel. I am not posting exerts until I have a page 99. I’m not a professional at anything I do and I know it shows, but my brain just won’t cooperate with me and trying to get things done is pretty hard. I’m doing well by giving myself this blog to do. I will be sharing all the time and I think I might even make some art of my characters. Maybe anyway. I am ambitious, but stay in a tired dreamy state and usually do one thing and quit for the day because I’m exhausted easily physically. But anyway, I will be writing and writing and painting and drawing and sewing and things.

Disabled life. It’s a catch 22 sometimes. I have all this free time, but it’s because I am the sick. I got up an organized my entire room yesterday. I’m pretty proud of that. I hope you will buy my books when they are written.

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I'm all about fitness and novels. check me out!

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