Feel the Crazy!

I have so much going on with my insurance right now and I’m about to feel the crazy. My medication is not being covered. I worked out only half of my dose. I’m about to have a really hard time. Hopefully the half of a dose will last until it’s covered again. I have three days of full dose if it’s finally processed today. AHHH!

I hate that I need medicine to be mentally functional. I need this upcoming therapy for the new diagnosis. I have been traumatized so much that it is eating away at my mind. I’d ask for prayer, but those circles think I’m wicked.

Prayer for me if you do pray. I need pictures of animals and babies who are cute. I need rainbows and butterflies and the wayfaring flowers outside. I’m not ok.

Published by joyzadandie

I'm all about fitness and novels. check me out!

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