Health Update: Skin and Shots

My skin has been pretty bad the past few years and nothing has worked. Turns out maybe I have been misdiagnosed so I will be getting that checked out too. I am about to get shot number two on Tuesday! YAY!

I see a specialist today about my sleep apnea. I have been having nightmares and seeing mythical looking cartoonish creatures around bed time. I can’t wait to maybe get things going with some sort of breathing apparatus now that I know for sure that GERD is the culprit. I will have a heated discussion today with backup because I can’t think straight. My brain only lasts a few hours.

Anyway, I hope you had a great Earth Day and that you will find something to be happy about today!

Edit later that day: I was told I’m fat and it’s causing GERD and sleep apnea. I’m going back on my tailored diet. I just need portion control. It worked the best. I will have to drop less because I lost 3 lbs, but hey all progress is progress.

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