Back on My Weightloss Goals

I had a terrible time with an infection, but I’m back on my weightloss goals. I was pretty infected because everything was making me sick. Treated that and now I’m partially alive again.

I will be getting back on the tailored diet that I had from Florida. It’s tailored to my 16 issues and I can’t really share a diet that is specific to my woes. So no recipes.

I weighed in at 359 this morning. I lost 10 lbs over the past two weeks. It’s portion control. I also eat less starch and have been mostly staying away from soda. I have to quit my vices all over again. So no more soda or coffee or tea. I think most of my calories are basically drinks. If I drink only water and protein shakes for breakfast I will probably lose weight.

Not everyone can lose weight easily, but I find if you just do my grandpa’s “push away” method it works.

What tweaks have you used? Let me know.

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