No Preservatives Mostly Alkaline Diet For Now

If I start to go all natural raw I’m going to get WAY sick. So I’m just going to avoid preservatives and processed stuff. I love pasta, but I will forego it for my health.

I was in the car waiting for my last ever Dr. Pepper when the idea hit that I really need to pursue going to Japan. I need to drop a few to do some of the things I want to do. So this all natural diet should be the best for me. Maybe I will have energy. Maybe.

Anyway, I got a kawaii book at the library and I think I might practice some kawaii. I am thinking about doing one a week or something. Maybe one a day since I’m starting an art journal. It should be fun and highly stimulating. I need that to combat the overemotional states of BPD. I had to get rid of my game system, so now I will try very hard to get those creative juices out from my oxygen deprived brain.

I need things to do in Japan. So if you know of anything I’d love ideas. I may be old by the time I can go, but I’ll have a great time.

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