Eros: Romance

The love I wish I had and have been hurt by the most. Eros love. Erotic love. Romance.

This love is a totally different love than the other loves, because it’s pretty much just about sex. You enter into this love when you heart and your crotch agree on someone. You feel like you can’t live without them. You are bewitched.

The only way to get this love is to put yourself out there. There are not really any tips I can give. I went from a sexual relationship to a long four year relationship that had a totally mixed up view of love. I am in no way someone who can beautify this love. But it can make you crave storge and isn’t always a philia thing. You are so lucky to get philia in a relationship. If you have that hold onto it.

I have experienced several different things that were not love, but if they were love I don’t know what love is. I can’t really be a great teacher on this one. I have tried and failed and train-wrecked at this love. To the point where I became so depressed I stopped taking showers or taking care of myself. I need therapy about this love. I’m sorry if you were hoping for flowery, but I can’t provide that about this love. I have had rare chances.

If someone could show me what the heck this love is like healthy I would love that. Come heal my wounded soul mystery man. Obviously, a person can’t heal you, but they can help.

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