Fad Diets: Paleo

The Paleo diet touts the idea that the caveman (who does not exist) ate in a way that we were supposed to eat and we have somehow never evolved past this. It is pretty easy to follow just meat and veggies. Sometimes you can have fruit, nuts, and seeds. It’s actually not too bad of a diet, but I feel like you kind of need carbs. My grandpa did Atkins which is the first step to this diet and had a heart attack. Basically the start of it is Keto. Two weeks of Keto then just Paleo.

It has never worked for me. My cholesterol was very high and my sugars became out of whack. I threw up a lot and discovered I had GERD in a colonoscopy/EGD. Yes you do lose weight, but your cholesterol goes WAY up. Maybe not everyone, but that’s my experience with it.

Honestly, I will be gluten free and GERD friendly. I said this yesterday, but I am looking for recipes that fit those requirements. Wheat makes me a little triggered. How do you feel about Paleo? These were my thoughts.

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