Philia: Friendship

According to CS Lewis, philia is the hardest love to come by because it isn’t natural like storge and eros. I think that it’s pretty easy. It’s easy to find people who share your views and want to just always be friends. But I think cancel culture has isolated us.

Cancel culture says that you just drop people if they don’t fit your vibe. It takes the love out of friendship and avoids conflict all together. I have been cancelled. I have been in conflict too. I’d rather be in conflict with someone than lose them. It’s really easy to drop a friend and that’s why I think CS Lewis might be even more right than he was back in his day.

Philia is a tough love to accomplish. Everyone wants people in their life. If you are having trouble with someone and it’s not completely toxic why not work it out. It might help your psyche in the long run.

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