Fad Diets: Is Veganism a Fad?

I have nothing against veganism. It’s purported to be the healthiest diet. I can see how lots of veggies could help anyone, but it’s really easy to do that lazy and with junk. I’ve been a vegan off and on and given it a fair shot. I can say that it doesn’t work for everyone. I tried it for two years and became very sick.

I mean everyone is worried about carbon footprint these days. Everyone is worried about optimal health. Veganism can be really healthy, but personally I can’t do it. It’s not good for everyone to be vegan. The drawbacks are that you can run really low on B vitamins. You can eat brewer’s yeast though. The only thing that makes it a contender is values in my humble opinion.

When I tried the vegan diet I was feeling great, but had mental problems and weakness. I am only talking about these diets to let you know that just because it’s said to be good for you or good for Earth doesn’t mean you should just jump on board. I did it originally not for health, but for personal reasons. I had seen how pigs and cows were raised and it sickened me. I went through a class where we were supposed to make a big presentation at the end of the semester. We went into the farm and I was disgusted by the conditions. It was more just disgust than trying to save the animals. I know that some people are for humane treatment. But if you’re getting your meat from conventional farms it’s going to be nasty. I have to eat meat for my blood disorder, but I try to go with unconventional meat. lol

So bottom line, is being vegan a fad? A moral decision? You decide. Tell me in the comments.

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