Maybe I Should Be Spoiled…

I was thinking and overthinking about what I should do about the blog. I am going to do things about the blog, but I really need a good creature comfort day. I read this self-help book years ago called Simple Abundance. She talks about creative excursions and creature comforts. Creative excursions are basically just a thing to get the creativity going. I used to take pictures of whatever I felt drawn to and define it as if it were a dream. I did a lot of weird things, but I really had a lot of fun.

But what I really need to do is be spoiled.

I need to make that creature comforts drawer or box or thing. I am always grateful for what I do have. I just really need to give myself some rest and I think if I take up that cute idea again I will feel better. I would love to just soak in a bath or drink some tea and sit on the porch. The box is things you like to eat and need to relax. I will try this again.

I’ll let you know if the decompression works. What are your creature comforts? Tell me in the comments.

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