Novel on Hold for Another Week

I have to put the novel on hold for another week, because life doesn’t give me time to write. However, I have only been busy lately. I will write as soon as I can, but if you’re pumped for it let me know. I’m pretty happy with my first 1,000 words and planned plot.

The novel with me thing is still on the table. Do you want to write a novel with me? Give me a prompt and I will write it. I am doing some generator novels, but I’m open to more. I say that, but I have no idea if I’ll have time. I know being disabled shouldn’t be busy, but it can be on paydays and appointment weeks. Say a prayer for my brother he slipped a disc and herniated another. He likes to work labor so this is a big blow for him. Thanks! Let me know if you need any prayers. I’m always down to pray for ya.

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I'm all about fitness and novels. check me out!

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