Fad Diets: Keto

Keto is a widely popular diet here in the states. I have some keto followers. It’s a fantastic way to lose weight, but there are some drawbacks.

Your body produces “ketones” when you eat mostly fat. When that happens you eliminate them in your pee. This gets the weight to just fall off. It does work, but if you are sensitive to fat like everyone with GERD are, you won’t be able to do the diet.

Fat is a very tricky thing with GERD. You have to do low fat. Even healthy fats! The more fat I have the more miserable I am. I tried the keto diet to help schizophrenia, endometriosis and thalassemia. As I found out GERD will not just subside with this diet. I threw up so much. I do not recommend the Keto diet if you are prone to heartburn or acid reflux. You will lose weight, but it will be from puking and pooping your brains out. It helps diabetes, but all that fat can cause diabetes too.

Later this month, I will talk about the idea of eating leaky gut syndrome. If you have a mountain of issues like I do, leaky gut is the reason. I will be converting to that and sharing recipes I have found to be better for you. I know everyone is different so adhering to this diet might work for some people, but I think that you should only do it if you only have a little to lose. It’s not a safe diet for everyone.

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