Introducing Sad Poet Saturday

I used to write sad poetry in facebook notes. I have been really hurt in life and sometimes writing sad poetry helps me feel a little more. I usually just sit on my feelings, so I figured I would write some things for you guys. This blog is 100% just read it if you feel like so feel free to read it if you feel like. I had a friend tell me a long time ago that my musings were fairly deep. So maybe we can get deep together. Thanks for following me so far.

I had to fix my computer Thursday so I had to leave the blog where it was for a day. I will start next Saturday to not take away from Jesus’ Resurrection which I would like to focus on more than me having depression. Anyway, I hope you like SPS and I would love to read some of your favorite poetry. I just bought Rudy Francisco’s Helium on Audible. I’m looking forward to the longing love poetry. Have a wonderful Holy Weekend.

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