April’s Theme: Love

I am definitely not an expert on the subject of love. I have had failed relationships and crazy connections. But I do believe in love. I feel like this month, we should focus on the different loves that CS Lewis talks about in the Four Loves. Since there are four weeks in a month it would be good to give you a focus on love.

The first week we will focus on the love Storge, the affection love. I feel like this is one we all need with COVID separating us. Then we will focus on friendship, the love Philidelphia. I have this one down I think and apparently that is rare. The third week we will focus on Eros. A love that I am not an expert in, but want to experience again. The love between lovers. Finally, on the last week we will focus on Agape. The unconditional love of God love.

I hope that’s interesting to you. I am obsessed with love. It’s one of my favorite things and I try to be as loving as possible. I try not to push people out for their beliefs and choices, but sometimes I do resist and it’s ok to have boundaries which we will also talk about. I hope that you experience all of the loves, but not everyone gets the chance. I will explain those loves to the best of my understanding. Please comment about the love you know.

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