April’s Theme: Fad Diets

Of all the themes of the month, the one for health will focus on fad diets. What the ask for and what they did to me. I will be reviewing how the fad diets have cause me to be sick and which fad diet may be the best for my certain issues. If you have any of my issues you might want to follow along.

I have tried vegan, keto, paleo, gluten free, just following the My Plate guidelines and a diet made for me by a registered nutritionist. All of them failed. So in my desperation, I will be trying to fix my microbiome and trying to eat the lowest Glycemic Index. I am at a loss for what will work and leaky gut seems to be a thing, so fixing the microbiome might be the most helpful thing. I already take a probiotic and just need to eliminate eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, grains, sugar, additives, environmental toxins…you know everything.

But I think I will be fine. I haven’t tried to fix my leaky gut and it shows. I will be fixing my leaky gut with this strange group of bacteria in my guts that rejects literally all diets. I hope that I can fix my microbiome. I will be eating an enhanced paleo diet basically. Hopefully it will be enough. I will update you on my progress on Fridays as usual. Please tell me what fad diets you have tried and what worked for you.

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