Health Update: Leaky Gut Misinformation

So I guess leaky gut has some misinformation flying around. I found two different books about it and they both said different things. So I guess it’s still a fairly new problem out there in the healing world. I found out that the paleo diet was the most recommended thing for leaky gut though and honestly that makes sense to me. Grains and beans do give me inflammation and lecthins are bad for Endometriosis. But I realized…even though I’m disabled now. I don’t really prioritize my health.

I have a plethora of issues and most of them are caused by leaky gut, but I’m not sure that it’s the only problem. I have sleep apnea and thalassemia on top of all of these things and it’s really making me tired. But maybe I have some old issues from Endometriosis or something. I have been fighting that disease off and on for years. I seem to be fine then my uterus goes haywire and attacks me again. I’m so tired of this fight to figure it out. I will just try to prioritize health over making an income. I have a small one, maybe I can get something working. I need a team and so far the team is like two or three doctors telling me different things. I need to get them all on the same page and then maybe I can take my life back from Ursula. Things did happen with people harming me or stopping my progress, but I have been fighting my own body for a long time. It’s time to give it what it needs. Whatever that is.

I will still update and things. Maybe more often. I just need to focus on getting it together. I’m never getting anywhere treating my body the way I do. Let me know if you need any help with anything related to disability or any of my issues. I will definitely help you get started.

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