Novel Progress: A Call from Westbow

So months ago, when I started this writing journey I decided to see how much publishing with a leading Christian publisher would cost. Just to know. It turns out it’s much more than I have access to. The payments seem manageable but I need to making more to afford it. So, I let it go for a while. Well, I got another call from them today with a lower price and like everyone already spent my whole stimmy.

So it’s seeming like I’m going for Amazon. They have about the same process and no stipulations on what my story can include. There will be violence in my novel. Westbow is very strict on their editing. If any of you would have any idea who I could publish with let me know. I think Amazon Kindle Direct will be my go to. I can’t wait to finish. I have been doing a lot of research for my issues and things lately and have been prioritizing my health a little more lately. I need to get this situation under control. But soon I will get back to it. Especially when I need a break.

My characters are sitting in my mind map half developed. I am feeling bad about it, but I really need to prioritize my health. So, I will be working on that. No Thursday updates unless I work on it. Let me know if my blogs about health are helpful.

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