Short Story Sunday: Thankfulness part 2

I got over COVID. I’m lucky! Not everyone makes it. Mom has been sterilizing the house. So far everyone is negative. My family has done pretty well through this pandemic. Now the officials are saying that there will be a vaccine. Thank God! I heard that you can get it again.

My friend Matt says that the vaccine could have the RFID chip in it. I don’t believe that though. My sister keeps staring at me like I’m some sort of enigma.

“Gracie! Stop staring!” I said it pretty loud.

” It’s just a miracle. You made it.”

I guess it is. I don’t feel miraculous, but I’m thankful I made it. If Mom wasn’t coming home every break to check on me I would probably be sick still.

“Look Gracie…I made it because God wanted me to.”

“You’re right.”

“And Mom…” We said it together.

I want to get back to school. I’ve been negative for a few weeks, but the tests are scheduled so slowly. I was just found negative last week. I’m going to school tomorrow. My part of the alphabet is going to school tomorrow. The school is having half of us everyday Monday through Thursday.

“Don’t you have homework? I’ll be here.” She’s still staring. I’m going to my room.

“Where you going?”

“Away from this awkward staring contest.”

“Sorry…” Now I feel bad.

“Gracie, it’s ok to be happy I made it. Just personal space.” She acts like I just betrayed her. “Thank you, but I’m going to be fine.”

There. Now she perked up. I forget that she lost her friend. She must be grieving through this. I feel bad now. Dad is staring at me.


“Nothin’.” He smirked.

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