Health Update: Depression

I have been dealing with some heavy depression and with insurance it’s going to take a while to get seen by a therapist. I have been using some medications to help with depression and those were upped on Wednesday. I downloaded some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy apps and have been practicing what I was already taught about depression. Trying to monetize life takes the fun out of it for me, but I think I should maybe get something going.

It’s been hard to cope with all the illness, the helping mom see, and the very demanding appointment schedule. However, mom is seeing much better which is great. She can even drive which gives me time to catch up on all my projects, but I have been kind of sick which makes me depressed. Well, a little bit of it turned out to be forgetting to take hormones. (insert freaked out emoji) That can really mess you up, but I have Alexa to remind me to take it now. Anyway, it’s been a little irritating to figure out whether I have a allergies or GERD or what , but I am just taking it a day at a time.

Do you get depressed when you are sick? Tell me about it in the comments. Let’s connect. Check out my contact page.

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