Short Story Sunday: Thankfulness part 1

Short Story Sunday is a story told every Sunday in four parts. This is Thankfulness part 1. Enjoy.

The Kingsley family have been waiting for the controversial stimulus package to arrive. Mom has become an essential worker because of the pandemic and Dad has been working from home. It would be $1200 and we really need it to pay for the electric bill. Us kids were in school online in our rooms and nobody was used to it. I am the eldest, in 10th grade. My civics teacher is the hardest to pay attention to on the daily. My youngest sister is in second grade and beginning to learn this common core stuff everyone is upset about. My twin brothers are in 5th grade and having a great time joking around and not doing what they are supposed to. I think they should be separated, but their room is the only place in the house they can be because Dad is always on the phone.

Anyway, the pandemic has made it really hard to see my friends, but we play games online. It’s not the same as it usually is. I’d rather be in Walmart people watching with them and comparing their “People-of-Walmart”-ness. That’s kind of an old joke, but we what is there to do in a small town. Well recently, I have come down with COVID-19 and I’m stuck in my room. My Dad is checking on me every few hours and my mom comes home to give me food sometimes. It’s really hard to be back here. I’m sometimes feeling like I might be sicker than I thought. I feel ok mostly just kinda blah and I can’t taste anything.

“Hey Dude, you ok?” My Dad just popped in with one of those stupid thermometer guns.

“I’m fine, Dad”. I’m so bored. BEEP!

“Your temp has gone down. Maybe you will see the light again.” He just freaking flipped on the light.

“BOOOOO! Dad joke!”

“When you hit your 30’s it’s all funny.” Dad’s something else.

Oh yeah, so I have been doing homework and that’s it. Luckily I have no papers, so I won’t infect my teacher, because it’s all online. Everybody is zooming, but I am just staying busy with the assignments when I feel up to it. I guess I should be thankful I’m not too bad. My little sister lost her best friend and it’s been really hard for me to be back here. She checks on me too. Speaking of which:

“JUSTIINNN?!” She didn’t open the door this time.


“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine. Get back to class!”

“It’s over.”

“Ok, when I feel better we will play Smash.”

“Ok!” I can hear her running off.

I think she’s scared that I will die too. She is always checking right after Dad. I think I’m over it for the most part. I’m not as sick as I was last week. I wonder if they’ll come up with a cure. Mom should be home soon.

“Hey, I’m home!” I hear her down the hall… speak of the devil. I hear footsteps.

“Justin? You awake.”

“Yeah, what time is it?”

She busted in, “It’s about 3:30. I got you some crackers and Sprite.”

“Thanks.” AH! Her hands are cold.

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