Health Update: Latex Allergy and GERD

So my suspicions were correct I am allergic to latex. I have already eliminated latex mostly, but now I have to make a whole new wardrobe and stop using things like hair ties. It’s a little upsetting, and I definitely panicked, but it will pass. This too shall get handled and I will be able to function. I also have uncontrolled GERD. I thought this whole time that it was more allergies, but it turns out my symptoms have been that issue.

I have taken away elastic from my clothes and had been wearing some drawstring pants, but it turned out that those had elastic too. So I will be sewing a lot of clothes for the foreseeable future. I have been getting kind of choked up and my throat has been an issue, but turns out that’s GERD. However, the intolerance I’ve had to foods has just been the GERD and I have to cut out a lot. No caffeine, no spicy food, no greasy or fatty food, no red sauces, and no acidic food. This is really restrictive, but my GERD is unforgiving so it should be really good when I get used to it. Hopefully.

My life is going to become super high maintenance and if you know me I am a lazy girl. I think this is just something that has been necessary and so I am going to teach myself to be higher maintenance. I have no idea how to reprogram myself, but I am going to reprogram myself. Any tips on that would be amazing. Please comment your advice. Like always please follow me on social media and follow my blog. If you would like to sponsor me. I will be putting out some stuff about Endometriosis very soon in a package that you can buy. It’s only $20 for my time. I will have that one out by the end of the month and should be able to give you guys each episode for free. If you want the downloads all together that’s what the package will be. I hope you are doing well and have a pleasant week.

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