Novel Update: Mind-Mapping

JK Rowling’s Outline

This is a picture of JK Rowling’s outline for her Harry Potter book. It’s a brilliant idea and why the books are so well written. I am using a similar idea for my books called mind-mapping. Mind-mapping is where you take an idea and expand on it using parent and child bubbles. I’m using it for each character and their relationships as well as for the setting and plot.

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It’s similar to the photo above. You put you idea into the parent then any ideas that go with that and ideas that go with the ideas into the children. It’s super secret work so it’s in a notebook nearby. It’s a fun way to set things up and the characters develop as you put them into it. Then it’s super easy to just write the story. I love it.

So far, I really developed the main character and the bad guys. Some of the supporting cast is really hard for me, because I’m so focused on the main characters. but I will get them finished soon. I plan on having this done by the end of the month, but it might go into April as busy as I am with helping mom out. But it’s been fun so far and I hope you love it.

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