Introduction to the New Fit & Literate

Introductions are happening over and over on my blog, but I have made a concentrated effort to have a plan in action. So let me tell you about the changes I’m making to the blog.

First, I would like to introduce Short Story Sunday. I will have a theme for the month and write 750 word stories about that theme. March will be Thankfulness because I have been trying to be more thankful and grateful for what I have and more importantly who I have.

Next, I want to focus on one issue that I have at a time and tell you everything I know about it. March will be Endometriosis, because it is Endometriosis Awareness Month. I will focus on spiritual, mental and physical health and give you some free resources to each issue I have if it is complex enough. I have been researching everything I have for a long time, so I hope I can provide quality information that is helpful to you.

Lastly, I will provide updates on my novel progress as well as my fitness/health journey. I want to be as personable as possible and not be a content mill.

Oh, and before I forget. I will be offering some podcasts, protocols, and videos in one-time paid exclusive in whichever way you learn the best if you’d like to download my stuff. There will be packages for each issue that needs explanation. I think it’s hard work to offer all the resources and I will only charge $20 for each pack. If you like the information on this site consider sponsoring me for the same price. It makes me uncomfortable to ask, but I think my time is worth it.

Please connect with me via my social links and follow my stores for other projects that are coming soon. I will be posting some art, music and clothes that I make myself and selling originals (not clothes though). I hope you like my stuff and support the efforts that I am making to be healthy and productive. Let me know how you feel about my content by contacting me.

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I'm all about fitness and novels. check me out!

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