Updating My Skills

I had a nice visit with my best friend and her family. I haven’t been to my hometown in a long time. I needed to see her. It’s been too long. I have been working on updating my skills lately. I realize that industries change as technology does. I just didn’t think the skills that I have needed the update. I was wrong.

I looked up some courses and I’m updating my office and radio skills. I might also get some new art techniques. The reason why I decided I needed new skills was because I tried to get a job at a content mill and I was not accepted. So I will be learning a lot as I write books and paint/draw and sew and exercise. I lost weight and then gained it all back in a matter of two days so I need to get back on track.

My story is not coming along because I’ve just been working on improving things and hoping to get a job. Money became tighter at the house so I need the funds. I read a book once where the author who wrote “Eat, Pray, Love” was saying that sometimes you have to put your story on the backburner to work. I am at that stage of writing right now. I will still be blogging and writing and things. Just under the context that I need a job. I have been off the radar for a long time being disabled so if I can’t find a job in two months I’m going to just make a job.

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