Genes and Drugs

I figured out recently that if your family members can’t tolerate a drug then you can’t either. It took me a while to realize something so simple, because I thought that the genes from my father’s side of the family would change the way the drugs affect me. I found out that I was wrong. Mom couldn’t tolerate my gut medicine or statins. Neither can I. Grandpa couldn’t handle a different gut med; it nearly killed him. Neither can I. I thought it was just me, but it’s actually a legitimate thing. I took a drug test for psych meds and I can’t tolerate a lot of meds. I need to do a little investigation, but as far as I know it’s just mom’s side.

After finding that out and stopping the med I feel much better. I need to talk to my family about other things. I may stop those too. I don’t think that’s everyone, but for some reason I just check those boxes for anything genetic. All of them.

Stretching works wonders. I have been dancing for 10-ish minutes and then stretching – that’s all my body can tolerate- and it has been super helpful. Who knew? Probably everyone, but you know, I’m last to figure those things out. I think stretching is now my favorite part because it feels so good. Going to add in the resistance bands and one more song to my dancing. That should be fun.

My kitty has a problem. One of her legs is hurting her and she’s limping and her fur is turning from black to a lighter color of black. I think she is very sick and I’m not ready to handle that. Taking her to the vet Monday and feeding her more, because she might need the strength. I prayed for her and she bowed her head too so I think she really needs the love and prayers right now. I have been adjusting to taking care of my mom a little more because she can’t see. She’s been a lot better with her sugars so she’s been pretty sighted. So that’s a relief.

I decided to start taking some refresher courses in things that I know how to do, but haven’t been able to do in years. Industries change so it’s really different now in a lot of the things I’ve done before. I have been trying to give my resume some oomph, but man, I am very behind on the times. After these classes I will try taking tests to get certified in some things too.

So all of this changing should be really good for me and I will keep you guys updated. I lost 10 lbs from changing things. Still getting faint a lot though. I don’t know how to change that, but I assume that it’s from Thalassemia. I realized that both of my parents have some West Asian in them and that is why I have both anemia and Thalassemia, because it comes from those genes. Dang predisposition. It’s been hard to overcome all my predispositions, but I will! Mark these letters! I will!

Again I have had no time to write. I have a lot of life to do, but I will find the time to write. It’s a nice escape to write. Writing the blog is even a bit of a break from life. I really love to express myself this way. It’s my passion. I hope you don’t have as much of a problem with genes as I have and have a blessed day.

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2 thoughts on “Genes and Drugs

  1. Just reading this.. we should chat about which meds dont work. Since I’m on a statin and some stomach meds.. I’m curious which affect you, what symptoms.


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