An Old Enemy…Endometriosis

I have been having a horrible time with my guts and I figured that it was just allergies. I have been having allergic reactions. Then I realized- by mother nature- that I haven’t been considering my Endometriosis. I haven’t had a problem with it hurting too much in a long time. I get the “regular” female issues that we all get. Midol and some bed rest and I’m okay usually. I had some really bad Endo back in 2010. I had to have a laproscopy and get a ton of attachments taken off. It was a nightmare and caused my bladder cancer. Well, I have been clear in my uterus for years since I had a DNC in 2014. I had been bleeding too much. I started having weird symptoms with my guts and figured it was just GERD or polyps or something, but I think that my battle with Endo- or as I call it, Ursula- is not over.

I’m in several support groups on facebook and one of the ones that I found was for Endometriosis. I asked the girls and they confirmed. My gut issues are from Endo. We all have gut issues around our time of the month and ovulation. It’s awful, but I know who’s been messing with me. Now I know why I’ve been so sick and so weak. She has always been such a terrible enemy. But I figure talking about her like an enemy might be a part of the problem. She is quite the entity though. I have been dealing with her slick moves since 2001. Probably earlier. She’s crafty. It’s been a long time old girl, it’s time to go away (I wish it was that simple). But anyway, she’s back, but isn’t grabbing onto anything. It’s like she’s saying…”be a shame if you had terrible gut issues instead”. The $&@#*!

I am definitely having allergic reactions to something though. Swelling in my throat, lots of hives. But what if it’s a combination of all of the things that Ursula has been doing to me? I will find out with science!

Anyway, if I let her win I can’t do anything. I will be doing my steady ascent into health as I try to figure out what to do for work. I know that a blog could help, but this is sort of just a log. I will have to get into the blogging for money scene, but not on here. This is a place where I share my struggles so that my friends and family and whoever is interested can read it instead of a giant status or pleading for prayers. Maybe I will start another blog. I have a ton of projects to do to take care of myself I could just add a few to each of those as a way to find income. I might as well. It costs $141 just to treat all my issues that are over-the-counter. BAH! I am expensive!!! It’s not cheap to be high maintenance. It’s not even clothes and makeup! It’s just supplements and carefully selected medicated toiletries. What a complaining blog this is! I’m just really tired of this lady coming around all the time and making me so weak that I can’t do anything.

I will overcome her! I will! I haven’t been working on the story at all! I have a bit of a writer’s block, but it’s mainly just being sick. It’ll happen though!

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