Allergist FINALLY!

I have been trying to figure out what is causing the allergic reactions to no avail, but seemingly it has a lot to do with GERD and my skin condition. So I have been just eating what I know I can eat no problem and that has been very limited. ALL vegetables and fruits give me a terrible reaction even corn. Thankfully I will be going in February. 😦 I will just have to deal with what I have right now and do the lives and stuff anyway. I am on a ton of allergy and gut medication and was even given an epipen. Back on that exercise program as soon as I can.

It drives me nuts how long you have to wait on medicaid for appointments for very important issues. That’s a very capitalist thing to do. But you know, that’s how America is and I really don’t see it changing even with these promised changes that Biden has said will happen. I’m not a high priority because of my age and maybe the rarity of my blood issue. I was talking about this yesterday with a friend. There is such a terrible problem with people who have rare issues and doctors believing that you really do. You could literally be near death and they will think that you are just stressed out. I have even said maybe it’s just stress from it being such a mystery. But finally! Finally I will have my allergist appointment and we can figure out how to stop these terrible gut issues.

I’m so glad that it’s all coming together finally. I prayed for the appointment as I waited to be cleared to come in. COVID has made it really hard to get in person appointments. He would rather speak over the phone, but since I was reacting to everything he took me in the office today. I pray that everyone who is having this problem find solutions it’s terrible. I have found facebook groups for each one of my terrible problems and they are all very negative about doctors. I have been told moving to Illinois that the practices that I had been through in Florida were barbaric! I am so sensitive because of whatever has made me sensitive. It’s hard to pinpoint, but progress is progress.

I have been plotting my story for Alien Within and I have made some very frightening aliens. I didn’t know I had it in me, but I do. I am not going into detail so that it makes it more of a surprise. It will have the first biracial (Haitian/Portuguese) woman to Mars and the first interracial couple to Mars. Both involve the woman. I feel like it’s a pretty good time to say that I have been thinking about relationships and I thought if it went right it would be like this. Solid relationships are hard to have nowadays. I figure why not put something like that in a book for people to get some happiness out of it. It’s set in 2034 and it will be thrilling!

I believe I have already said it, but just to remind you all I will be doing my live gaming poorly from Twitch and Facebook. All Central Standard Time. Monday, Wednesday, Friday on Twitch at 6 pm and Weekends at 12:30 pm on Facebook. It should be a lot of fun, so please look out for that. All of my instruments are inherited old bluegrass instrument and all of them need work. I will be playing my brother’s acoustic guitar and writing some originals soon. I will be singing hymns and other songs. Sort of an Indie Folk sort of style. I hope you guys like it. Please follow me on my various platforms at the top of my home page and God bless.

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