I have a schedule that is flexible, but I realized yesterday that I have to maybe take care of my mom for a while. So I can’t really have a schedule with Legend of Lejoya. My mom went to the ophthalmologist yesterday, because she had an eye issue. Come to find out, it was a broken blood vessel from her diabetes. She had to get a shot in her eye. So of course, I freaked out when she had a little redness from bruising and we went to the ER. Basically, it got real fast. I realized that helping mom was going to be more of a full time job on top of my own health woes.

I am not quitting the Twitch, but I am going to do it less often. I haven’t been able to start for the entire time I’ve had the video game streaming platform. I feel like maybe that’s just not something I can do. I will still try to get it done on a day when there are no appointments, but I was thinking. Maybe I should do something a little more permanent than gaming online. I am very close to just trying to do work like a stay at home mom. I mean, I have to help my mom a lot and I have to drive her all over so it makes sense. I think I will do a little research. It sounds silly, but my schedule is never set, because my family or life changes it. I have such a hard time keeping a schedule that I have basically given up on a schedule and will now just do things when I can. Like being up at four in the morning writing this. So if you were interested check out my Twitch as time allows. I also tried putting my banjo strings on and the banjo broke. Loop-end strings are my enemy. I will be posting some acoustic guitar as time allows to my Soundcloud. As time allows, I will be posting things to bandcamp once I can actually mix a song.

When I can figure out something more permanent I will do that, but as far as life goes I will still be blogging and dancing and stretching and resistance band-ing three days a week. I’m prayerfully considering my next move otherwise. My health is important to me and now I’ll be trying to get Mom to do it, too. It’s a little frustrating to try to have a job when I’m needed so much, but I can’t help that life is so busy. Thanks for reading. I hope you are all ready for the inauguration tomorrow even though there has been a lot of terrible stuff surrounding politics. God bless.

Edit: I have had a recent development of some sort of allergy on top of my dermititis. I am hoping to check it out Thursday, January 21. Prayers would be appreciated.

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