Maximum Heart Rate

So I went to Planet Fitness, trying to follow social “fitness” guidelines and wearing a mask. I could barely breathe through the mask and lasted a whole 7 minutes before my heart rate was (as I later found out) at 80%. That’s fine if you want to do HIIT or something, but I was just riding a bike and keeping up a quick pace. I resolved to stay home to work out until the pandemic is over or at least until we don’t have to wear masks. But I thought I would stop by my computer to talk about what I found about maximun heart rate.

image by Ron Rantilla Rowing

I’m 34 so that means I’m close to 35. I had a heart rate of 164 which was way high. It’s super important not to push yourself too hard. It broke my body down before. I had no idea that I was pushing it to hard, because I’m still 25 inside. Years of being too sick and thinking I was stuck that way have brought me to this point. I found out that you can reduce your sleep apnea breathing issues with exercise by 25% with just a quick google search (NCBI findings). I am elated that I can be active to reduce my symptoms, but maybe I won’t over do it next time. I could reduce my breathing episodes from 23 to 17 times a night. That would be wonderful.

I’m sore and sweaty, but hey I did it. Going to dance later and post it to TikTok. Since that is the place to go for silliness. I really need to stretch too. I have 1,000 words so far in “Alien Within”, my generator novel. I am hoping to hit 5,000 or so next week. Remember to get 150 minutes of cardio a week. Easier said than done for me, but I will try 7 minutes at 75% next time so I don’t make my heart pound in my throat. Be careful not to overdo it. Stay safe in this time of Corona.

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