Don’t Forsake the Assembly

I have been trying to be a lot more Christian than I have before to show God I’m serious about Him. I realize that social health is a part of spiritual health which affects overall health. So I thought I would talk about how hard of a time I’ve had waking up for church. I mean, it’s a pandemic and everyone sleeps in these days, but the church is important. I know it’s far more than just the walls of a church. It’s you being godly wherever you are whenever you are.

However, it has been closed down for most churches in Illinois, where I live. Some of them run with social distancing, but they meet via Facebook and already know each other. So I decided to church hop, but because I’m not able to wake up from my alarm I slept until my second alarm. I took my morning medicine which knocks me back out and I slept until church started. By the time I wake back up my opportunity to fellowship is over. At least live anyway.

I would tweak my schedule and try to wake up earlier, but my sleep apnea is why I have such a hard time. I have to get that straightened out so I plan on doing that. I had a severe reaction to a CPAP machine. My face broke out and my throat was red a swollen. It’s rare to have this reaction, so my pulmonologist told me to prove it! That seems insensitive to me, so I am trying to get a second opinion on Monday. But there has to be something I can do.

Anyway, back to the assembly! I have been really needing fellowship. I have been reaching out to friends who believe and don’t believe even though the pandemic has us all separated. I pray that this problem is somehow relieved for all of us. It’s important to your soul to have fellowship in and out of church. I don’t have a church to call home since we moved and I have a feeling I will still be a little out of the loop for a while. However, this is a good time to at least stand in six feet of each other. Stand on a porch or drive over and stand in the drive way (weather permitting). The Moderna vaccine is out there. People are getting it and maybe one day we will have fellowship again.

I leave you with this verse: “Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood.” Acts 20:28 Come together somehow and check on each other. We all need that.

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