Dance and Gaming Videos; Meet Matilda

Meet my majestic new baby! She’s a sweetie, has a tiny ekkekk for a meow and is pretty darn mellow. She’s mine and she’s microchipped and everything. I adopted her from Animal Protective League. My only challenge with her so far is how to lay down on my bed, because she likes to be touching me. But it’s a cute challenge and it doesn’t really even bother me. Oh, and she has cold medicine which has been hard to administer, but she has been a trooper with how tired it makes her. Don’t mind my hair in the picture. I haven’t been able to dye it again, because it’s expensive to dye medium length thick hair.

me dancing to Blinding Lights

I started dancing for the people on tiktok. I will be posting better videos once I can actually use a tripod. My webcam is for some reason making really fast videos and you can see me, but they are really poor quality sound. So! I’m going to start filming with my camera once said tripod is in my possession. I’ve only been able to get one dance clip too, so I will be doing a whole bunch of dances and posting the highlights with a different program. I am also not going to post anymore dance videos until I have that program, but I will dance nonetheless.

I am going to add in resistance bands every other day and try a recovery day. I seem to be able to do a lot of things one day and then am weak and barely able to function or stay awake the next. I don’t know if I mentioned it in my first post, but I also have sleep apnea and am without a CPAP machine, because of a terrible allergic reaction to breathing with it. I am going to the doctor about it tomorrow so when I know more so will you. I mention the apnea, because I think a lot of my energy problem has to do with that. Even with taking my new Phosphytidlyserine supplement, Neuriva, I just am at an okay sort of level. Started drinking more water and I’ve noticed that I feel a little better. I had been drinking coffee and caffeine to wake up which honestly just makes it worse. That’s sort of a no brainer, but I have been able to have one coffee when I was younger and go all day. This no energy business is new to me. I am 34 though, and I think some of this is just my body wearing out from working so hard in my late 20s.

I had a consultation with Westbow Press about self-publishing through them, but having zero start up funds is kind of putting a damper on that avenue. I have heard that publishing through Amazon is a good way to build a portfolio, so I will try that. Plus it’s just some silly generator novel fun mixed with a little meaning. I’m not super serious about it. Also there is some censorship and I have some practices in my book that will be not acceptable to their guidelines even though they told me that I could write the way I want. So I will be looking into that this week.

Also, would you like to see me play a game terribly? I have some games on the computer that I like or have nostalgia over that I wanted to play via my Twitch. I would make that link prettier, but I am in the middle of learning the new setup of WordPress. It has been three years since I’ve used it and a lot of new features to get used to using. I will be playing Chex Quest until I beat it and Overwatch on Fridays. I have only a short foreknowledge of how to play these games. I will be playing them often. Please follow me on those sites if you find me. I will post links in my menu.

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