The Beginning

I have been really sick…very sick…since about 2010. I fought bladder cancer and won, but I have a whole host of issues that came out of a birth defect I didn’t know for sure that I had until about two years ago. It’s called Thalassemia Minor and it’s a rare blood disorder characterized by tiny malformed blood cells that are produced from a lack of marrow in the bones. I have some marrow which is why mine is minor. But on a good day, my hemoglobin is at about 11, which is pretty good for my disease. That’s because I also have iron-deficiency anemia.

I started to become more sick in 2016. I attempted suicide, because life just seem to keep going downhill and I had become depressed. I made some stupid and awful mistakes and was untreated for generalized anxiety and panic disorder. I was so bad that I began hallucinating and hearing voices and began to be severe with schizophrenia. Since I finally conceded to getting help I have discovered many issues that were not addressed when I was so mentally ill that I was ignoring them. I have sort of cut myself off from others several times. I have a few friends and some family, but I deal with a lot by myself. I have to get past that, however, because I have learned that I do have friends and family who love me… I have just been through a lot. Over this period of depression, I became disabled and got really fat. I gained 175 lbs!

I share all this to tell you what I have overcome with support and with Jesus. I have seen many things no one will ever know. But thankfully, I have been slowly restored by Jesus. It’s still a battle, but I am beginning to win over Satan and it has been wonderful. I am not a preacher, but I do want you to know that I have made big changes in my life with the support that I have with my family and some good friends and church members. We recently moved from Florida to Illinois and live a street away from my brother. We have yet to find a church, but watch our church in Florida and do personal bible study. COVID has everyone messed up, but I plan to start the new year getting in shape…or at least getting active to save my life.

I started this blog as a way to reach out to others and to stay motivated to work out and to write. I have some novels in the works and I am going to publish somehow. Those will be available on my site. You can also watch me play Just Dance 2021 (on the songs that aren’t too bad) and we can get fit together. Or at least have fun. I will be doing Pilates, too, for stretching and some resistance band exercises. It’s really hard to stay positive with this virus taking over, but hopefully we can all start to feel better and put that behind us now that there is a vaccine. I have high hopes for 2021. Most fitness places are closed, so I have to start somewhere.

My weight is 371 starting out. Yes, that’s embarrassing to admit, but I am willing to share my struggles and wins coming this new year. It’s just the beginning. I will be working out 3 times a week doing each thing I want to do as my daily workout regimen…permitting that my body is going to cooperate. I have a lot of physical issues. GERD, Diabetes, Psoriasis, vitamin b12 deficiency, vitamin D deficiency and allergies that I haven’t diagnosed yet…on top of what I already said. I mean it seems like I tall order- and it honestly is- but like I said. It’s just the beginning. Here’s to a better 2021.

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